World Class, Global learning

Our curriculum has a purposeful Global theme throughout all that we do - educating and developing tolerant and reflective children to understand and prepare them for adult life in the world around them.

Children are also learning about the rights of a child through the UNICEF work (see below) and they have also considered concepts such as fair trade and how much it costs in money and sometimes child labour to make those trainers that they wear.

We always ensure learning is fun (as that is the Chestnuts Way!) and we constantly promote sound moral values. Our teaching team have designed our curriculum to meet the needs of all our children regardless of their personal barriers to learning. Trips and visits are something we set as a priority each term, getting our children out into the world to learn beyond the classroom. As a result, we have 2 minibuses to enable wonderful opportunities such as visits to; Kidzania, Stonehenge, beaches, farms, forests, zoos and much, much more!


At Chestnuts, we want our children to be enthusiastic, confident and fluent readers. To enable our children to have a lifelong love of reading we start the teaching of reading in the Early Years Foundation Stage through the Read, Write, Inc programme.

In Key Stage 1, reading consolidation will increase through the continuation of synthetic phonics using Read, Write, Inc and developing a love for reading. We encourage children to read a wide range of texts, and as they continue through the school into Key Stage 2, this is through planned reading sessions and opportunities to read across the curriculum and at home. We also use Accelerated Reader to support children in learning to read.

We also have a fantastic library, designed by the children! It is in our school development plan to invest heavily in new books this year.

Reading is also encouraged at break times where possible, but is always a choice during this time. We have a dedicated reading house on the playground for those who wish to read.

Throughout all year groups, a variety of reading scheme books are available for children and parents to choose and enjoy. These books are organised by colour (pink to dark red) and enable children to practise and consolidate the reading skills they have learned in class. Books are freely available from the reading corridor - just help yourself!

Once children have mastered the final reading colour level, they are able to choose free reader books from our extensive library collection.


We want you to feel comfortable supporting your children in learning maths so here are some resources you may find useful;

Times table fact fun

Rolling numbers


Written methods of calculation - support for parents

Further Information

If you wish to find out more about any aspect of our curriculum, please contact the school office who will make arrangements for you to speak to the appropriate team member.