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About Us

'Thank you for making Primary School the best experience ever and making it such great fun. Chestnuts is the best school anyone could wish for!' Year 6 pupil 2016

'Thank you for giving both my children such a positive learning experience. As they both progress to the next stage in their journeys, I hope Chestnuts continues to make learning fun and lay strong foundations for future students. Thank you.' Parent

All Children and the Chestnuts team follow 4 simple rules - we call this

'The Chestnuts Way'

1 - Choose your attitude; be positive and have a go!
2 - Work hard and challenge yourself
3 - Have fun
4 - Make someone’s day

Our Motto is...

Encourage, Enable, Empower.

Three powerful words.

The team at Chestnuts encourage learning and growth and inspire children to take risks, taking advantage of the learning community’s diverse strengths.

The team at Chestnuts enable and deliver exciting learning opportunities, allowing discovery, awe and wonder.

The team also empower and develop confidence in all our children and invest in learning opportunities, promoting independence, providing inspiration, and thus developing aspiration.

We believe in the holistic growth of every child regardless of their barriers to learning. We proudly host the Milton Keynes Primary Hearing Impaired provision and we also support a wide range of children with physical and additional learning challenges.