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Year 2

 Welcome to Year 2! 

Year Two at Chestnuts is designed to build on your child’s developing skills of independence and curiosity which have been nurtured through their school journey so far. We strongly believe in learning through exploring and experiences so, in all subjects, we try to be as hands on as possible. We encourage the children to become more resilient and support them to develop a range of ways that they can help themselves, and others, if they find themselves stuck with their learning.  

During this year, the children will have daily sessions of English, Maths and ‘Book Talk’. The skills that they will use and apply in these subjects build on the foundations they received in Year 1; developing their sense of number, sentence structure and understanding of the books that they read.  

They will also explore different topics through which they will cover subjects such as history, geography, science and much more. The topics that the children will enjoy this year are Wriggle and Crawl, Step back in time, Marvellous Materials, Moon Zoom, Jet Setters and Battleships. 

In May, the Year 2 children will take their SATs in reading, maths and spelling. Although this may seem daunting to adults and children, at Chestnuts we ensure your child feels confident and resilient. We aim to do this so that they don’t even realise they are happening.  

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