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Who’s Who

The Chestnuts team really encompass and embrace the term 'team'. Everyone works together for the good of the children. The team go above and beyond their daily hours to provide children with amazing and unique learning opportunities from; sporting events, theme days, sleepovers, residentials, trips and visits and much, much more.


Becky Skillings - Headteacher

Katie Robins - Deputy Headteacher

Lauren Seagrave - Assistant Headteacher

Julie Drury - Business Manager

Karen Wilkes - Designated Safeguarding Lead and Family Support Worker

Nursery Team

Laura Abbott - Class teacher

Zoe Pennington - Teaching Assistant

Sam Fullalove - Teaching Assistant

Clair Finch - Teaching Assistant

Reception Team

Sarah Fenton - Early Years Leader

Kayleigh Watson - Teacher

Jo Burton - Teacher

Marcella Hughes - Teaching Assistant

Laura Bass - Teaching Assistant

Alison Parris - Teaching Assistant

Year 1 Team

Megan Greenwood - Teacher

Catherine Thorne - Teacher

Beth Hill - Teacher

Mary Morgan - Teaching Assistant

Kelly Hawes - Teaching Assistant

Year 2 Team

Danielle Terry - Teacher

Jemimah Taylor - Teacher

Beth Marriott - Teaching Assistant

Clair Porter - Teaching Assistant

Anita Wood - Teaching Assistant

Pauline Mallett - Communicator


EYFS/Key Stage 1 SEND Team

Yvonne Riggs - Teacher

Sarah Willingham - Teaching Assistant

Sam Fullalove - Teaching Assistant

Karen Morice - Communicator

Year 3 Team

Lindsay Marriott - Teacher

Firdous Sulleyman - Teacher

Leisa Frost - Teaching Assistant

Amy Goodwin - Teaching Assistant

Year 4 Team

Laura Thomas - Teacher

Shannon-Breda Jarman - Teacher

Annette Jones - Teaching Assistant

Sam Driver - Teaching Assistant

Year 5 Team

Abi Cole - Upper Key Stage 2 Leader and Teacher

Jurema Boa-Ventura - Teacher

Rebecca Newman - Teaching Assistant

Karen Wood - Teaching Assistant

Year 6 Team

Katie Robins - Deputy Headteacher and Teacher

Lauren Seagrave - Assistant Headteacher and Teacher

Pat Dunne - Teaching Assistant

Emma Keane - Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 2 SEND Team

Rachel Graham - SENCo and Teacher

Ailsa Sims - Deputy SENCo

Gemma Malins - HLTA

Vicky Mallett - Teaching Assistant

Kerry Shefford - HLTA

Additional Pupil Support Roles

Ailsa Sims - Deputy SENCo

Margaret Ledster - Learning Mentor

Grace Kemp - PE Coach

Kelly Gore - HLTA

Lisa Thompson - HLTA

Helen Bromley - HLTA

Sam Garratt - HLTA

Admin and Site Team

Jacqui McCormack - Finance Officer

Mhari Jones - Administrator

Samantha Mooney - Administrator

Jane Amey - Senior Administrator

Matthew Sales - Site Manager

Breakfast Club, Lunch Supervisors and Chestnuts Extra

Anita Wood - Chestnuts Extra Manager

Mel O'Connor - Play Worker

Marie Moore - Play Worker

Leisa Frost - Play Worker

Alison Parris - Lunch Supervisor

Jannatul Ali - Lunch Supervisor

Nasim Kousar - Lunch Supervisor

If you wish to contact any of the Chestnuts Team, please do so via the school office where Mrs Jones or Mrs Mooney will be happy to help.

Telephone Number: 01908 373748


Inspiring Futures Through Learning telephone number: 01908 533283

Inspiring Futures through Learning website: