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Local Governing Body

Governors are a vibrant group of committed volunteers that represent and reflect the community of the school (parents, school colleagues and our wider community). Our governors are a key part of the strategic leadership of the school.   


The Local Governing Body help set and dedicate themselves to the vision, values and strategic direction of the schools, maintaining their individuality whilst encouraging collaboration and sharing of excellence. They share responsibilities for supporting, monitoring and evaluating the performance of the schools in delivering a fulfilling, broad and balanced education for all their children. 


The Local Governing Body:

  • meets 6 times per year as a full board, with no additional committees
  • is part of a larger governance structure for Inspiring Futures through Learning Multi Academy Trust, which includes IFtL Members and Board of Trustees.  The full structure and responsibilities of these roles, including details of who serves within them, is available at
  • carries out its delegated functions and responsibilities which are focused upon:
  • the wellbeing and safety of all children and adults within the schools’ communities
  • the standards of educational performance, for all children, within the schools
  • the position of the schools within their wider communities and how the schools contribute positively to this
  • to identify, and look to mitigate, risk in relation to the above
  • to carry out the duties delegated to the Local Governing Body by the IFtL Board of Trustees, outlines in the IFtL Scheme of Delegation (seen at

The Chair of the Local Governing Body is Wayne Scott (

Voluntary Trust Appointed Governors

Chestnuts Primary School is part of the Inspiring Futures through Learning Multi-Academy Trust. We are looking for voluntary Trust Appointed Governors to join our LGB (Local Governing Board).

Behind every successful school is a team of strategic leaders; each one different from the other but kindred in spirit and ambition. As a team, school governors are focused in pursuit of one shared purpose; to ensure every single one of our children and young people receive the very best education and support possible.

We are looking to recruit governors - people who are passionate about education including those who are not from an educational background. In fact, we are looking for people who bring a diversity of skills, backgrounds and experiences who think strategically and offer different perspectives.

Our governors work as part of a team and commit to attending six governor meetings per year (with pre-reading) and undertake three governance visits, during the school day, annually as part of your role in assurance and building relationships with the school communities of children, staff and parent / carers.  To support you in this role, a strong programme of training, development and networking over 5-6 further sessions per year.  

We'd love to hear from you if you feel you have skills that the board and school would benefit from and if you want to develop your personal and professional abilities with free training. 

Please complete an application form and we will be in touch:

Governance in IFtL

The remit and responsibilities of the Governing Body of the school and the Members and Board of Trustees of IFtL are outlined in the Scheme of Delegation of Inspiring Futures through Learning, our Multi-Academy Trust and can be found at:


If you wish to make contact with Wayne Scott, Chair of Governors you may do so by sending a letter in a sealed envelope marked for his attention via the school office, or via email on: