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Curriculum Intent

Chestnuts Curriculum Intention

At Chestnuts, we follow the National Curriculum to ensure that we have a highly motivating, engaging and challenging curriculum which encourages children to be lifelong, independent learners with a passion for exploring, asking questions, collaborating and making links between the subjects they study. All of our learning opportunities will be memorable and meaningful, ensuring that our children achieve well and are empowered to succeed in the next stage of their education. 

Our curriculum is rooted in the science of learning as we understand that children need opportunities to revisit concepts they have previously been taught as well as learning new material in order for these ideas to be secured in the long-term memory. As a result, our curriculum is planned so there is a clear progression of knowledge, skills and personal development throughout the Key Stages which allows our children to build on what they already know, supports their transitions between year groups and allows them to access their learning journey beyond primary education. Vocabulary is explicitly discussed and explored throughout all learning to ensure that the children leave Chestnuts confident to share their views articulately, to read and to write. 

We provide all children with valuable trips, visits and experiences which support their learning and develop their wider opportunities and social skills so that no-one is disadvantaged. As a result, we promote strong links with our local community and strive to ensure that everyone feels valued in our school.  

We have high aspirations for all of our learners and, as a result of our nurturing and inclusive ethos, we passionately believe that every child will succeed in their learning. This is regardless of their needs through a well thought out, personalised and relevant curriculum.  Our curriculum is designed to nurture everyone’s interests and talents, whether these are in reading, writing, mathematics, the arts, humanities or sciences.  

Our curriculum is the driver through which we are able to implement the school’s values of choosing your attitude, working hard and challenging yourself, having fun and making someone’s day. The impact of our curriculum will be seen not only in measurable, academic attainment and progress but in the fact that the children attending Chestnuts also develop personally into polite, well-mannered, kind and caring members of our community who understand and respect people’s differences and needs. SMSC is threaded throughout our curriculum to enable the children to develop their social skills, have an understanding of other people’s views, opinions and beliefs and develop their own set of morals. 

Further Information

If you wish to find out more about any aspect of our curriculum, please contact the school office who will make arrangements for you to speak to the appropriate team member.