Our Religious Education curriculum teaches our children to embrace differences and similarities between people, ideas and beliefs and helps them to become positive and respectful global citizens Throughout their time at Chestnuts, we provide all children with knowledge about and understanding of the major religions and cultures: Christianity, Judaism, IslamHinduismSikhism and Buddhism. These major faiths are represented within our school community.  

The R.E. curriculum at Chestnuts has been written to capitalise on the links which can be made to other curriculum areas. This enables children to make links between religious beliefs and their historical or geographical context.  

Throughout the year, the children will experience a variety of learning days which focus on different religions or, in Key Stage 1, different aspects of the same religion. These experiences may include the following activities: handling artefacts, watching videos, listening to religious storieslearning about sacred texts, visits to places of worship and learning about religious celebrations and festivals. The children will be encouraged to compare their findings and analyse the similarities and differences between them. 

The children will also look at how their own experiences compare to key themes within the R.E. curriculum, for example, the friendships they makethe experiences they have with their families, and things that they choose to celebrate. These themes are also evident in our Jigsaw curriculum. 

In R.E. at Chestnuts, we aim to develop children who: 

  • Are respectful towards the beliefs, views and opinions of others. 
  • Take care of the environment and the world around them. 
  • Are free from prejudice, think critically and challenge stereotypes. 
  • Take part in discussions but who also listen to other people.  
  • Understand the rules of society and why we need them.  
  • Have a sense of belonging within school and their community.