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Hearing Impaired Provision

Hearing impaired provision commitment

Hearing Impaired (H.I.) children at Chestnuts Primary School have access to a variety of resources and facilities including; support from a Teacher of the Deaf, a Deaf mentor, Speech and Language support and Specialist Teaching Assistants who are qualified to at least level 2 in BSL. With this level of support in place, the Hearing Impaired children are encouraged as much as possible to be involved in the daily mainstream life of the School in preparation for later life. All staff at Chestnuts also have the opportunity to learn BSL and gain a qualification. To date, over 30 of the team have gained or are studying BSL level 1.

Provisions for learning are made through Specialist Teaching Assistants in class with the children. The teacher of the Deaf also works with the children individually and in groups, focussing on their personal targets and enabling good progress.

All children across the school are taught how to fingerspell the alphabet as a minimum requirement and signing is evident in all assemblies and every classroom. A signing club for hearing children and a whole school signing assembly and signing choir also meet regularly in school. The choir sang and signed for the Rugby World Cup opening ceremonies and more recently on BBC Children in Need. Sports provision for the H.I children are also considered - with cricket specialist leading sessions and our PE specialists currently studying BSL level 1.

H.I. children get their hearing aids and/or Cochlear Implants checked every morning by an adult trained in audiology and they are also taught essential skills to prepare them for later life in an adult hearing world.

Giving hearing impaired children the best possible start in life is our priority and preparing them for later life in a hearing world is our key goal. Developing their independence is essential.


We regularly raise essential money for hearing dogs and through our annual participation in Sign to Sing events