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Welcome to Blossom! 

Blossom is a Key Stage One provision for children with Special Educational Needs. It includes children from Reception to the end of Year 2 and provides a break-out space for children to develop and work on their Educational Health Care Plan targets.  

The children follow a topic of learning for two or three weeks and they cover fairy tales and other texts with patterned vocabulary and repetition to help them to develop their language skills. Alongside this, the Blossom children have opportunities to have a calm space to be able to enjoy activities to support their sensory needs.  

In Blossom, children and staff also work alongside the Reception team. The children visit the Reception classroom to experience their continuous provision and the learning opportunities on offer in there.  

The Blossom provision is a personalised style of learning, working with the needs and interests of the children in a fun and engaging way.  

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