Wraparound Care

Breakfast Club at Chestnuts Primary School

Aims of Breakfast Club: 

  • Provide an opportunity for pupils to eat breakfast before starting their days learning 
  • Have a positive effect on pupils’ concentration and performance throughout the day 
  • Help improve pupils’ attendance and punctuality 
  • Improve social interaction skills between pupils 
  • Create a positive and calm start to the school day 
  • Provide before school child care for parents 

 Healthy breakfast choices 

Each day a range of healthy food options will be provided. These will include: 

  • Range of wholegrain cereals and puffed rice 
  • Wholemeal toast with jam, honey, marmite 
  • Fresh fruit 
  • Yoghurt 
  • Friday treats may include pancakes, waffles, croissants 
  • Milk or water 

 Expectations of pupils during breakfast club 

All children will collect their choice of breakfast from the staff serving and then sit and eat at tables in the dining room. Once finished, children will be expected to return their crockery to the front of the dining room, scrape any bowls or plates in the rubbish and stack their plates/bowls for washing. 

 Once eaten, the children will be free to move into the hall and access any of the areas of play that are set up. These will include: 

  • Board games 
  • Colouring and drawing 
  • Construction (eg lego, kinnex) 
  • Role play and dressing up 
  • Reading corner 
  • Homework zone (ipads will be available for TT rockstars and spelling shed 
  • Puzzle zone 
  • Organised sport eg football, basketball, netball, ball skills, races on rotation 

 Timings and Costs 

The gates on St Georges Road will be opened and supervised by a member of the breakfast team between 8am and 8.10am each morning. After this time, children will be unable to arrive at breakfast club. 

At 8.40am the children in EYFS and Key Stage 1 will be taken to their classrooms and delivered to their teachers. The children in Key Stage 2 will walk to their classrooms. The main gates will be open at this time to allow the rest of the school to enter, however they will be supervised by school staff to ensure no children leave the premises. 

A fee of £1.75 is charged per session. This is non-refundable due to covering the costs of the food which has to be purchased in advance and the number of staff needed to ensure the children’s safety whose hours are confirmed on the Friday beforehand. 

Places at Breakfast club must be booked and paid for in advance using the Parentmail booking system. Bookings close at midday on the Friday before each week. Where space allows, emergency bookings can be made by telephone to the school office and an invoice will be issued but do not send children in without booking as there may be no spaces left. 


Breakfast club is staffed by employees of the school who either have an additional role in school during the day or who are specifically employed to cover the breakfast club. The legal ratio required for running a breakfast club is 1:30 however, at Chestnuts we feel that this is not safe and so run on a ratio of 1:10 

Mrs Pat Dunn is responsible for the day to day running of Breakfast Club and can be contacted via the school office.  


After School Club

Afterschool clubs will be available from September 2021.