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Enrichment (Clubs)

Club information for parents and carers

At Chestnuts, we are committed to offering all children the opportunity to attend clubs should they wish to. We offer a wide range of free extra-curricular clubs to complement their in-class learning. Clubs are offered for all year groups from Year 1 to Year 6 and either take place at lunchtime or after school. 

A range of academic, sporting and arts clubs are offered, such as multi-sports, football, netball, TT Rock Stars, mindfulness colouring, dance, art and paper craft. Clubs are a great way for children to interact with peers from a different class and develop friendships; some of the clubs offered focus on developing social skills, for example through playing board games.  

Clubs are selected by the children (with parental permission for after school clubs) and we regularly seek the pupil’s views about the clubs that they would like to see the following term.


Some of the clubs are extremely popular and may be over oversubscribed. We do try and accommodate as many children as possible therefore your child may be placed on a waiting list. All clubs are also reallocated termly so do not forget to sign up! 

Responsibility for attending the clubs

The children should take responsibility for turning up on time for their clubs. A register will be taken by the club leader for each session. If your child has been in school yet has failed to attend an after school club, a phone call home will be made to ensure the safety of your child. Please ensure therefore that you contact the school if your child is going to miss their after school club or if your child decides they no longer want to participate. Their club space can then be reallocated accordingly. 


Chestnuts staff run clubs in their own time. They are not paid to carry out the activities as they believe in providing extra-curricular opportunities to all. It is therefore a privilege for the children to attend and if their behaviour inside or outside the club is unsatisfactory, the privilege will be withdrawn. 

Walking Home

Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children must be collected at the end of after school clubs from the main reception. It is the parents/carers responsibility to decide if their Key Stage 2 child is mature or sensible enough to walk home. We strongly recommend that ALL children are collected during the darker months. 


If an after school club is cancelled, we will endeavour to contact parents/carers or leave a message. There is always a reason for cancellations therefore we thank you for your understanding in this matter.