At Chestnuts, we passionately believe that all of our children deserve the best education that we can provide within the English curriculum. Through high-quality learning opportunities, our children will learn to develop their speaking and listening skills alongside their reading and writing skills. We will make sure they are able to speak and write fluently so that they can clearly and articulately express their views, opinions and emotions to others. We will also ensure that they listen and read confidently so that they are able to understand and evaluate the ideas and views of others.  

We encourage a love of reading in particular, as this will provide our children with chances to develop their cultural, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual understanding of the worldReading also enables the children to access the knowledge that they require to access the rest of the curriculum and develop their own understanding of topics that interest them; if you can read, you can find out about other things. The children’s ability to read high level texts and absorb the rich vocabulary they contain, also impacts their writing ability 

To become a confident member of society, it is essential that the children develop their confidence with each of their language skills: spoken, written and reading. If they are able to speak, read and write fluently and articulately, they will be prepared for the future and have all of the tools necessary to succeed.