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Trips, Visitors and Experiences

At Chestnuts, we strongly believe that experiences outside of the classroom give children great opportunities for engaging with and developing a deeper understanding of their topics. These visits also give them wider life experiences, such as learning how to pay for an item in a shop and foraging food in the woods. Many of the experiences we provide are linked to our list of ‘101 things to do’ before you leave Chestnuts. 

Each year group organises topic related educational visits to a variety of inspiring places, including the farm, the cinema, museums, and castles. We also have exciting visitors to school, such as falconry experts, a Roman Soldier and creepy crawlies of all sorts of shapes and sizes.  

We also offer all Key Stage 2 children the opportunity to stay away from home. In Years 3 and 4, they have the exciting experience of staying overnight, at school, for a sleepover. During this experience, they take part in many exciting activities and challenges in the dark using torch light to help them. In Year 5, children have the chance to stay for one night at a residential setting and in Year 6, they have the chance to stay for two nights. During their time away, they enjoy abseiling, climbing, river crossing, team building activities and much more. 

Educational visits and visitors are an additional cost to the school, so voluntary contributions towards the costs of these are requested. Voluntary contributions are made on a per trip basis through Parent Mail but can be paid in instalments.  

To ensure that everyone remains safe in the current climate, we are following the government COVID guidance with regard to any trips and visitors.