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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! 

Welcome to Year 6 and your final year at Chestnuts Primary School. While in Year 6, the children are able to take on some additional responsibilities in school and, as such are rewarded with the opportunity to wear black jumpers instead of red. These extra responsibilities include acting as peer mentors for other children and house captains for sporting events, supporting the younger children at break times and lunchtimes as well as taking more of a leading role in the school council.  

Year 6 will continue to have reading, writing and maths lessons which develop the children’s skills and build on the knowledge they already have from previous years. During the summer term, they will take part in the national Key Stage 2 SATs test in reading, maths and SPaG, while their writing is assessed through their independent pieces during the year. We work hard to ensure that the children are prepared for these assessments academically but also emotionally. We expect everyone to use their growth mindset skills, challenge themselves and ultimately do their best.  

Throughout the year, the children will have opportunities to go back in time and learn about WW2, jet off around the world to learn about Mexico and the ancient Mayan traditions and to use electricity to design and create their own fairground. This is also the year when the children are able to take part in an off-site residential. 

Thinking ahead to secondary school, we begin to prepare the children as much as we can. In Year 6, the children are taught reading, writing and maths by a range of different adults and begin getting used to moving classrooms between lessons and following a timetable. They will also complete a range of activities focused on the transition to secondary school and the next stages of your child’s learning journey during the summer term at Chestnuts. 

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